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Price: 12000,00 HKD
New price 2020-2021 All Oversea helper fhilipino / indonesia/sri lanka/ india calling $13000.- -exclude ticket Details please see our quotationPrice exclude ticket ,employer undertaking expense ,Oversea LOCAL agency charge & medical charge 1. PT Indoneisa or Phillipines connect agency & undertaking fhilipino / indonesia/sri lanka/ india $12000exclude ticket 2. All local finish/ terminate Oversea service charge :- All helper fhilipino / indonesia/sri lanka/ india HK$12000 exclude ticket No.1&2&5&6 Local finish or local break or terminate no exit hk Overseas Filipino or Indonesian foreigners (no need to leave Hong Kong) HK$12000 no.3&4 Dominated All overseas domestic helper from the Philippines or Indonesia HK$12000.- For details, please refer to our quoted price:- Details please see our quotationPrice :- A. INCLUDE SERVICE B EXCLUDE SERVICE (A) service charge includes -Consulate contract processing -New visa in hk process service -Medical 🏥 body check up(plan details will be indicate by agreement appointment contract) - 2 years consultant fee - 6 months guarantee 1 time change for new maid replacement in special discount . - provide all related document & labour rule consultants - insurance hk labor information - arrange injection service charge - information consultants for local hk ID parttime service if needed - information hotel consultants for isolated service regarding undertaking employers agreement **************************++++ (B)plan B overseas 1 st time service charge exclude :- All Oversea 1st time or oversea calling experience helper exclude ticket ( employer can direct online booking -employer undertaking expense , Estimate $10000-20000 -Oversea fhilipine connect agency -$6000 -or PT INDONEISA charge $$9000-12000 -All oversea service exclude the pick up local transport from airport & hotel deliver charge $500 ************************************ 新價格2020-2021 No.1&2&5&6 本地完約或本地斷約 海外菲律賓或印尼外籍家(不需離港) HK$12000 no.3&4 指定從海外菲律賓或印尼外籍家傭HK$13000 詳細信息請參見我們的報價價格:- A.包含服務 (A)服務費包括 -領事館合同處理 -香港簽證服務新簽證 -身體檢查(計劃細節將通過協議任命合同表明) -2年顧問費 -6個月保證特別折扣的新女僕更換1次。 -提供所有相關文件和勞工法規顧問 -保險香港勞工資料 -安排注射服務費 -如有需要,提供本地持有 香港身份證兼職服務的信息顧問 -有關與雇主達成協議的隔離酒店服務的信息酒店顧問 ************************** ++++++ Plan B不包服務 所有海外第一次或海外傭工 (B)服務費不包括: 不包機票(雇主可以直接在線預訂 -入境處指定新冠病测试及酒店隔离 承擔費用, 估價 $ 10000-$20000 -海外菲律賓連接代理中介费$ 6000 -或PT INDONEISA印尼培训费 僱主代支收取$ 9000-$12000 -所有海外服務不包括從機場接機和酒店接送的本地運輸費用 $ 500 Price exclude ticket ,employer undertaking expense ,Oversea agency and goverment charge